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Cultural Competency: Mahr Not Acknowledged and Not Enforceable

In Summary Judgment, a Trial Court in NY ruled that a Mahr agreement entered in New York could not be upheld due to the lack of an acknowledgment. The Court noticed that “language, history, and subsequent New York statutory law of DRL 236(B)(3), have clearly created no exception to the acknowledgment requirement.” The Court differentiated

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No Dowry in Texas

Two recent decisions in Texas denied payment of Islamic Mahr to Wives for different reasons.  In Qutiefan v. Safi, No. 01-18-00425-CV, the Court of Appeals of Texas, First District (Houston), affirmed Trial Court’s decision denying unspecified Dowry. Neither Trial nor the Appellate Courts provided a factual or legal reason. The 17 years of marriage between

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1,000,000 Rose Mahr Delivered

2020 – Kerman, Iran: The Iranian Mahr  was set for 1,000,000 roses, upon demand. Wife demanded payment of 500,000,000 Tomans ($500,000) as value of her Mahr.  Husband responded by delivery of 1,000,000 Roses to the Courthouse. Here is a video of the delivery (in Farsi): Iranian Mahr was set for 1,000,000 roses…

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No Expert, No Mahr

2017 – Vancouver, Canada: The parties are of Iranian heritage. Wife had training in graphic design and esthetics. Husband is a mortgage broker and realtor. They were married on March 14, 2004 in a dual service in Canada, a civil one and one under Sharia law.  In the Sharia marriage the Mahr * was set as “a volume of Holy

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